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  • TICK Demo (Presention)
  • Installation Guide
  • Admin Panel
  • Tick Master
  • Manufacturing Master
  • Vendor Order Process
  • Customer Order Process
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Inventory Control
  • Job Work Vendor Process
  • Job Work Customer Process
  • Reporting & Dashboard
  • Quality Control
  • Quotation Management
  • Tally Intregation

TICK Demo Video

Title : Tick Demo Presention

Description : TICK, an unique Software product is specifically designed to meet various production and manufacturing related operations of small & large Manufacturing Companies.


Tick Software Full Demo in Hindi

Description : In this video you will have to to read full Tick software using and anaylising your report. It's really very easy and comfort to use for your Company Inventory Management. First watch this video then you realize its good for your company.


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Tick Admin Panel

Title : Create Company

Description : In this video you will have to read about how to setup company


Title : Create Multiple Branches

Description : In this video you will have to read about create multiple branches in your company


Title : Create User along with Rights

Description : In this video you will have to read create users or users rights


Title : Document Series

Description : In Document Configuration, you can configure Document series for different types of menu.


Title : Backup Data

Description : In this video you will learn how to backup your data for feature use.


Title : Data Import sheet

Description : In this video you will learn how to import your master data in Sheet.


Tick Master

Title : Chart of Accounts

Description : Chart of account is a list in which company defines their customers or vendors and enter their details i.e. locations, approved items, contact information etc.


Title : Unit of Measurement

Description : Unit of Measurement is a tool for defining standard units of measurement for the..


Title : Material Group

Description : Material Group is a function for creating the groups under Fixed Group Type i.e.


Title : Create Material Setup

Description : Create Material Setup is a tool for creating the material with an unidue material..


Title : Material Opening

Description : Item Master Opening is a function which is used for defining the starting data of materials...


Title : Store Location

Description : Store Location is the list of Storage Area of company...


Title : Charges Master

Description : Charges Master is a tool for creating those charges which are applicable on..


Title : Transporter Master

Description : Transporter Master is a list in which company provides their transporter details...


Title : Price Matrix

Description : This option appears in Master > Price Matrix menu if you have enabled the Party-Item-wise Price/Discount Structure feature in Master > Price Matrix Item Pricing Mode.


Tick Manufacturing Master

Title : Bill of Material

Description : Bill of Material is a tool that is used for mapping between raw materials and..


Tick Vendor Order Process

Title : Generate Indent

Description : Generate Indent is a tool which is used to create in-house purchase requisition...


Title : Indent Approval

Description : Indent approval is a process for approving the in-house purchase requisition...


Title : Purchase Order

Description : A purchase order sets forth the descriptions, quantities, prices, discounts, payment....


Title : Material Receipt Note

Description : Material receipt note represents a transaction that took place when the hardware items are supplied from a supplier and delivered at the inventory location. The MRN usually includes,...


Title : Purchase Return

Description : A purchase return occurs when a buyer returns merchandise that it has purchased from a supplier...


Title : Purchase Order Short Close

Description : Purchase order short close is a function for closing the partially fulfilled purchase order...


Tick Customer Order Process

Title : Lead Generate

Description : Lead Generate is a tool for maintaining records of different-2 leads...


Title : Sales Order

Description : The Sales Order is a confirmation document sent to the customers before delivering the goods or services. Sales Order can be created once the quote is accepted by your prospective customer..


Title : Dispatch Return

Description : Dispatch return is a function that allows company to enter the return of the material which are dispatched...


Title : Dispatch Note

Description : A dispatch note is a short note from a seller to inform a buyer that the goods he ordered have been sent...


Title : Sales Order Short Close

Description : Sales order short close is a function for closing the partially dispatched sales order..


Tick Manufacturing Process

Title : Material Requirement Planning

Description : MRP calculates and maintains an optimum manufacturing plan based on master production schedules, sales forecasts, inventory status, open orders and bills of materia..


Title : Manufacturing Advice Order

Description : Strategy of an organization to produce products based on anticipated demand. Made to stock is the opposite of made to order where items are produced based on actual demand or orders from customers.


Title : Job Route Card

Description : A job card is a card that gives the detail of a job to be performed in a production facility. It is used as a means to authorise and instruct the production people to take up the production work..


Inventory Control

Title : Location Wise Stock Transfer

Description : This option appears in Transactions menu only if you have enabled the feature of Enable Multi-GodownInventory in Inventory Control...


Title : Physical Stock Adjustment

Description : Physical Stock Adjustment is used for recording the actual stock which is verified or counted.It could happen that the...


Title : Issue Slip Material

Description : Store Department issue to material against Job route card or other department was demand the material as per availability on stock..


Title : Return From Production Unit

Description : Some Raw material will balance in the production floor, Production Operator will return the material against issue slip.


Title : Finished Material Recieve

Description : Principal Manufacturer: Can use this Voucher to record the receipt of Finished goods/ Scrap/By-Product/Co-Product from the Production floor.


Job Work Vendor Process

Title : Returnable Gate Pass (RGP) Outgoing

Description : Mat. Issued to Party voucher is entered to record the transfer of stock from a particular Material Centre to a party. The stock can be issued for any purpose.


Title : Returnable Gate Pass (RGP) Incoming

Description : RGP Incoming Shipments are linked to gate pass challan - RGP outgoing . You can navigate to RGP incoming from the buttons on gate pass.


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Title : Job Order Process

Description : A job order (sometimes job ticket , as it often has some type of ticket attached) is an order received by an organization..


Title : Incoming Material Received by Customer

Description : Mat. Rcvd. from Party voucher is entered to record the movement of goods from a party to a particular Material Centre.


Title : Jobwork Dispatch

Description : You can enter the Dispatch Note for the sales made in the business. In TICK you can enter sales related details by using the Dispatch Note.


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